Sunday, March 17, 2013

OJT Presentation for D2E

On- the- Job Training (OJT) presentation for Diploma Second Year Electrical Engineering trainees was conducted on 6th March 2013. The presentation was started from 8:30 AM and ends at 5 PM. The Presentation was planned to complete in one day but due to huge numbers of students in D2E, presentation has to carried on next day also. Forty Seven Trainees of D2E has done OJT at various organization in Bhutan. The organization include Bhutan Broadcasting services, Dagachu Hydro power Coporation, Bhutan Carbide and Chemical Ltd, Penden Cement Corporation Ltd, Druk Wang alloys Ltd, Bhutan Fero alloys Ltd, Dungsam Cement Corporation Ltd, Chukha Hydro power Corperation, Bhutan Power Corporation (TD, ESD, SMD), Kanglung, Gelephu and Semtokha, Basochu Hydro power Corporation and Dzongkhag Administration, Tsirang.

I as a OJT Co-ordinator for Electrical Engineering Department, i had conducted the presentation as per the guidelines provided in Module descriptor with the consultation with Head of the Department. I have invited Director, Deans and Heads of other departments to attain the presentation and at the same time i have invited all the faculties and staffs of EED for the evaluation of the presentation. The criteria for the presentation evaluation and report evaluation was given to the trainees one week before the set presentation date.

Now, i have completed collecting the marks obtained in the presentation and distributed OJT report to the faculties to evaluate. Yet i have to complete compilation of feedback received from the organization and Trainees about the OJT which i have to submit to Dean of Research and Industrial linkages for further compilation. The marks obtained in OJT presentation and report will be given to the trainees soon after completing the above task by individual faculty.

Lastly, i would like to thank Management, faculties and staffs of EED for giving full supports and corporation which made the OJT presentation a successful one......

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Final Year Project (Electrical)

The year 2012  particularly winter semester is the most academic year for me at Jigme Namgyel Polytechic, Dewathang because trainees are fully engaged in the Senior Project Work which are research based as well as practical based for different groups other than normal learning in the class for five module. Moreover, they had conducted numerous literally activities other than co-curricular activities.

In this winter semester 2012, i have guided two groups having four members each of final year Electrical Engineering Trainees on the topic "Energy Audit in JNP Campus and Dewathang Town" which is the research based project and " Design Drawing, Estimation and Costing, Maintenance of Block-I" which is a practical based project. Explanation for individual topic will be made in following paragraph:

1. Energy Audit in JNP Campus and Dewathang Town.
This project is basically a research based project where the group members has developed questionnaires and collected data. The collected data is sampled and sample is break up into different categories such as government building, Staff quarter and so on. After doing the analysis of the data's collected, project group has given some recommendation which is good to follow by us (customer). They have compared the existing appliances such as using Incandescent Lamp, Fluorescent tube etc.. by energy efficient appliances like Compact Fluorescent lamp (CFL). This project will give 80% to 90% result because we are not knowing exact duration of the appliances in used.The project group members aim of doing this type project is to make awareness on the saving of energy to the people residing JNP campus and Dewathang Town. They have given the following general recommendations:
1. Replace incandescent lamp by fluorescent lamps or CFL
2. Follow Energy Saving tips given on the BPC websites
3. Consider energy saving opportunities while designing a building
4. Conduct awareness campaign for  Significance and benefits of energy conservation.
 5. Form an energy management team to use the present buget wisely and efficiently by reducing the energy on.
As rightly said "Energy saving means saving money"so all of us can follow the recommendation given above in order to save energy and money and gain economy for our country by selling surplus energy to other countries.
Group 1: Energy Audit Group Member's Photo with Guide
2.  Design Drawing, Estimation and Costing, Maintenance of Block-I
This project is basically practical based and is related to field work. In this project, they have done 80% physical work such as replacing all the non-working appliances and changing old bus bar by new one. They have also done earthing as existing earthing is not in good condition. Remaining 20%, they have done theory work that is to estimate the Block-I (two storied building) using Bhutan Schedule Rate 2011 and length of wire required for future references. Moreover they have done all drawing works in Auto Cad 2008 and even used Google sketch software to make 3-D of Block-I . So in this project they have gained knowledge in software parts as well as practical works.

Finally i wish all the project group members a successful carrier ahead...


Well Come Note...

With the starting of Water Female Snake Year (Year 2013), the new academic session at Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic was started on 9th of February after a general staff meeting (GSM). For this semester (summer semester), every module tutors are assigned with one or two modules each with some additional responsibility to some staff and faculty. In this semester all the faculties has agreed unanimously in GSM to make full use of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

I as a faculty in Electrical Engineering Department, i got two modules to teach: Industrial Drives and Control for Diploma First Year Mechanical Engineering and Management for Diploma First Year Civil Engineering with additional responsibilities to co-ordinate On the Job Training (OJT) for Diploma Second Year Electrical Engineering.

With brief introduction on the modules, i have started classes for both D1M and D1C. At the same times all the note for first chapter for both the modules are uploaded in VLE so that trainees can get all the note from it. I have informed the trainees how to login in VLE with password for each module. For OJT, i have completed collecting Performance evaluation and the relieving order issued from the organization that they had done there internship. I have planned to do OJT presentation on 1st week of march 2013 and the noticed will out soon. 

For this month, there are lot of activities done and still going on. The Councillor election has completed and the celebration of HM Birth day which coincides with the 39th institute foundation. The Poly open Khuru tournament still going on to mark the significant of  HM birthday.  

Finally i wish best of luck to all the trainees for this semester. May this semester be the happiest and most fruitful and enjoyable semester ..........


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Poly Open Khuru Tournanment

The Poly Open Khuru Tournament was organized on 19th August 2012 by two final year students with the support from the management of the institute. There are 17 teams including two teams from the staffs and rest are all from students. It is an Yangphel Style match where for every match one team (team which has lowest point)  will be eliminated but when it reaches to quarter final and semi-final only two teams has competed for the final match. For final it is same as Yangphel Style where both the winner from the different pool and one team which has highest point will enters into the final.

The final was played on 23th August between the teams DK3ST (Staff team), Na zhen Tagsher zhen pa (Organizer team) and second year civil team.The final match was graced by the institute Director and staffs.The final match was competitive and finally DK3ST has win the match with12 points, 1st runner up by organizer team with 7 points and 2nd runner up by second year civil team with 2 points. Four participants has competed for man of the match and finally Mr. Tshering Wangchuk from DK3ST has beg the title

The prize and certificate are awarded to the winners and runners up on 24th August (in morining assembly) by the institute Director. Prize was also award to the highest karey, Dobji and bull eye hitter.

Thanks to the organizer, i have really enjoyed the match and looking forward for the similar initiatives in future as well.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cleaning Campaign

The Mass Cleaning Campaign at Dewathang town was  coordinated by Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic (JNP) on 22th August 2012. The participant of the cleaning campaign was totally on voluntarily basis and about 200 students has turn out and almost all the staffs has join for the cleaning campaign.

The cleaning campaign was started at 1:30 PM led by our Director.It was started from institute campus towards Dewathang town. The area which was cleaned are Deothang primary school, Zongthopelri area, Road side towards JNP and main town area.

The waste collected was segregated into two, degradable and non-degradable waste. About one full load (tractor) of degradable waste and Non-degradable waste is collected from this small town.The tractor was provided by Thromde for collecting the waste.

The following observation are made while going for Mass Cleaning Campaign:
  1. There is drastic drop in the waste in Dewathang town compared to previous years.
  2. A lots of people residing in town are giving full co-operation
This all might be due to the awareness of the waste management.

This move was supported by Samdrup Jongkhar Initiatives (SJI), a Cvil Society Organisation (CSO) and staffs from SJI has joined us for this campaign.

Finally the refreshment were served to all the participants.
We the JNP family believes that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" Thanks to the organizer, i have enjoyed a lot in this campaign and i hope same type of campaign will be conducted in future to make Dewathang town a "waste free" town.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Winter Semester Classes Begin

The Winter Semester  2012 Classes for Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic, Dewathang was started since from 24th July 2012 but i have started the class from today i.e., 2nd August 2012 because of the five days training for e-governance at Samdrup Jongkhar which was completed on 31st July 2012. My first Lecture session was started from second year Mechanical Engineering students on the module Industrial Derives and Control (IDC) with the introduction of module, plan for the syllabus coverage  and Continuous Assessment marking schemes.

Similarly, from second period  i have started class for final year Electrical Engineering students on the module Electrical Design Drawing and Estimation-III (EDDE-III) with the introduction of the module, plan for the syllabus coverage and Continuous Assessment marking schemes.

Since EDDE-III is for five hours class, i have started with unit one "Hands on  AutoCAD". In this five hours session i have taught basic about the AutoCAD and given assignment (Drawing earthing and basic electrical circuit) which the students has to submit on next week through mail.

Hope this semester will be a successful semester.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

E-governance Training

E-governance training for five days was conducted by Chigphen Rigphel (NIIT) for Civil servant of Bhutan. I am attainding as one of the trainees at Samdrup Jongkhar Middle Secondary School's Lab for Project Management and operatives. This training is very special and important for the peoples of Bhutan and to me. This is very special i say because of the following two reason:
1. This training was coincided with day which i had received my B.E in Electrical Engineering certificate from His Majesty the King (5th Druk Gyelpo) of Bhutan, Chancellor of Royal University of Bhutan in Youth Development Fund Hall. The days was on 25th of July 2011 which i received the certificate and exactly at one year later i got the first ever training after joining the service.
2. This training is basically to transform the Bhutanese society into knowledge based society by enabling ICT to the people of Bhutan where all the works will be done using the ICT knowledge.
In the training we are basically introduce the aims, obejectives, vision, mission of the Chigphen Rigphel project and the components of Chigphen Rigphel. e-governance is the one of the component of Chigphen Rigphel. We are trained basically on the "Project management" and some basic knowledge about how to use Excel, Power point etc. This will really help us in using services (e-services) provided by the Government of Bhutan.